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Apple has chosen OLED screens for new iPhones


One of the biggest iPhone makers Apple Inc has currently decided to make use of OLED screens in their all new three models of iPhone which are planned to release for next year. As reported by the Electronic times of South Korea. A report has sent shares in Japan Display tumbling 1 %. Japan Display is one of the major suppliers of iPhone liquid display(LCD) screens which has also lagged its rivals of South Korea in the production of OLED.

Apple currently commenced planning brand new iPhone models & urged all three models of iPhone would have organic light emitting diode panels according to the news covered by multiple unnamed industry sources.  A representative at Apple’s South Korea office was not present for comment, while a Japan Display spokesman declined to give any comment.

At the end of the Tuesday morning the stock was fell down by 10%, providing it a market value of around 105 billion yen. But at one stage it down as much as 21%. Cash lashed Japan Display plans in order to start mass production of OLED panels for smartphones from the year 2019. It is also looking for all new investors who can finance investment to unveil a production line.

The government of Japan will continue to offer a lifeline to Japan Display, but the firm has been very slow in catching up with rivals of South Korea in OLED, said by the chief market analyst, Masayuki Otani. It was established in 2012 by merging the display business of Toshiba Corp, Hitachi Ltd & Sony Corp in a deal invented by the state backed innovating network Corp of Japan(INCJ).  An analyst at Shinyoung securities, Seoul, Lee Won sik told that, “ If Apple uses OLED for iPhone models next year, that could increase hopes for LG Display to take a hike, because Apple may want to expand its sources for OLED supply.”

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