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Malaysia to end search for MH370 next week


The transport minister of Malaysia said that the search for the flight MH370 will likely to be end next week, after more than four years since the plane disappeared as well as triggered s one of the greatest aviation mysteries of the world. In the year of March 2014, the Malaysia airlines jet departed with almost 239 people, mainly from China on board which en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Malaysia to end search for MH370 next week

No sign of the plane was found in a 120,000 square km sea search zone & the led hunt of Australia, which was the largest in aviation history suspended in the month of January previous year. After pressure came from family members, the former Malaysian government bangs a deal with the United States of America’s exploration company Ocean Infinity in order to restart the search in January on the rule that it would only be paid if the Boeing 777 or its black boxes were found.

The company stood to make around $ 70 million if the mission was successful, but didn’t get any indication of the plane despite wiping the seabed with the most hi tech search equipments of the world. Anthony Loke, the transport minister of Malaysia who is part of the new government which came to power by following 9th of May elections. He said that the search was purposely meant to wrap up in April, but had been extended & it would come an end next week. He even told that the hunt will continue until 29th of May.

Mahathir Mohamad, the Prime Minister of Malaysia had earlier said that the contract with Ocean Infinity was reviewed because his administration expects to cut costs after finding the allegedly corrupt former dominion of leaving the public finances in unpleasant shape. In a letter to the newest administration unveiled before the end of the hunt was declared, Voice 37o which is a group demonstrating families of those on the flight whose members have Nathan requested the government to reconsider a comprehensive review of all matters regarding the disappearance of the plane.

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