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Instagram will not roll out screenshot notification feature


In February 2018, the social networking site Instagram began testing a feature which would inform its users if someone tries to take a screenshot of their story posts. It also reported that this feature was in still beta testing & only selected users were part of it. The feature was associated with backlash because the users had started taking screenshots of their story posts for whatever its they intended to do with them.

Instagram will not roll out screenshot notification feature

It is seem to be one of the things that allowed people to prefer Instagram story mode over the stories of Snapchat as the latter has always had inbuilt screenshot warning into it. It looks like Instagram has decided to hear its users about this feature. Therefore, according to the recent buzz, the Instragram’s screenshot notification feature is pulled back & it won’t be rolling out anyone from now onwards.

Users can go back to taking screenshots of the complete Instagram story posts as much as they really want. That’s why taking screenshots of privately sent posts will still inform to the sender. Only Instagram would hear its users regarding the chronological timeline. The previous implementation also warned & pointed out about the screenshotters which the poster of the story that will be indicated of their actions. The company told that the Instagram has stopped sending notification of screenshot to story poster.

It’s necessary to keep a note that when the feature of screenshot notification was still in force, there were various ways through which one can capture stories without getting detected. With this change, Instagram is making it easier & simpler to do so without any extra steps. But it did not describe on its rationale behind the change, however it likely had to do with user support.

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