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Ninja Theory will join Microsoft to free from the AAA machine


Recently, the tech giant Microsoft has given a biggest surprise about a brand new game studio or to be very specific a new life for an old game studio called Ninja Theory. It is said to be the storied developer has everything. Tameem Antoniades, the founder of studio & the chief creative director also shared some background on the decision in order to leave independent life behind & also become a first party studio.

Rather than coming off as defensive or the type of PR directed mea culpa one can expect Mr. Antoniades along with Dominic Matthews who is commercial director, has provided a passionate explanation related to why a studio likes theirs may be focused or also desire, a corporate patron to offer their projects. Ragardless of what result get from this acquisition, it is more heartening to know that Ninja Theory will be invested in producing the games, across all of the team, rather than more work for hire.

Tameem Antoniades stated that “We were disappeared as a firm & even told there was no future for developers like us as it was very big to be indie & very small to be AAA. Finally, we had to tell our team that we were facing problems & that’s why we had to find another way for it. Hence, we split our team of 100 people into various small teams that worked mainly on work for hire projects. All these projects helped us to fund our original game called Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Our main motto was to discover a space between indie & AAA as well as to recover our creative independence.

With the support of game lovers, Hellblade: Senua’s sold beyond our expectations & that success also offered us the opportunity to give more than $100,000 to charity. The game also won dozens of awards. “He further said that the call from Microsoft was just unexpected & Ninja Theory was not even looking for an asset, but we want to be free from the AAA machine & develop games that majorly focused on the experience not based on the monetization.

While making the decision to join Microsoft as an internal studio, he said that I am now convinced that this is an amazing opportunity for us to jump years ahead, to get higher than we have ever dared to fly without any threat of fall down which has held us back very much in the past.

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