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IT Services

Consumer merchandise are those items or administrations which are devoured straightforwardly by clients or end clients. These are precisely inverse to the maker goods which are bought by makers to create another item through it...

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Medical Devices

The worldwide medicinal industry will encounter gigantic development in the coming time with a scope of advancement and ventures which will open doors for organizations enduring to enter in this industry.

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Machinery and Tools

Manufacturing sectors are totally dependent on machinery and tools. However we provide relevant and updated research data to the users who have newly entered or are already in this field.

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Automobile growth is visible around the globe and takes less time to grow up not only in developed countries but also in the developing countries of world. We clear issues of new entrance companies and serve clear revenue of market research study.

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Chemicals & Materials

The concoction business is a significant part of chemical industry along with the addition of producing units. This industry produces an assortment of mixture of various ingredients or element substances which are utilized as a part of different divisions of chemical industry..

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Market is giving phenomenal prosperity food like low calorie, sugar free, eat less carbs food to attract prosperity mindful customers. Refreshments like eating regimen coke, sugar free cakes or solidified yogurts and various more examinations are being done to tap the market as it could be and they are finding positive solution.

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Global N-(1-Ethylpropyl)-3,4-dimethylaniline (CAS 56038-89-2) Market Outlook 2018-2023

Publisher: Gen Consulting | Publish Date: August 2018 | Report ID: 1937 | Price: $3000

N-(1-ethylpropyl)-3,4-dimethylaniline is an important ingredient in the production of Pendimethalin. Global N-(1-ethylpropyl)-3,4-dimethylaniline (CAS 56038-89-2) market is anticipated to grow at a CA

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Global Online Gambling Market 2018-2024 Professional Research Report

Publisher: Geeks' Reports | Publish Date: August 2019 | Report ID: 1824 | Price: $3200

Global Online Gambling & Betting Market Size Study, by Type, by Application, and Regional Forecasts 2017-2025 The Geeks’ Reports market studies and describes the Online Gambling & Betting market in

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Global Indoor Air Quality Meters Market Outlook 2018-2023

Publisher: Gen Consulting | Publish Date: August 2018 | Report ID: 1915 | Price: $3000

Global indoor air quality meters market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.86% by 2023, according to a new report published by Gen Consulting Company. The report segments the market and forecasts i

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Global Mouthwash Market Outlook 2018-2023

Publisher: Gen Consulting | Publish Date: August 2018 | Report ID: 1926 | Price: $3000

Global mouthwash market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.35% by 2023, according to a new report published by Gen Consulting Company. The report segments the market and forecasts its size, by volu

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Global Automotive Active Seat Head Rests Market Outlook 2018-2023

Publisher: Gen Consulting | Publish Date: August 2018 | Report ID: 1920 | Price: $3000

Global automotive active seat head rests market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.44% by 2023, according to a new report published by Gen Consulting Company. The report segments the market and for

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   News Updates

Instagram will not roll out screenshot notification feature

In February 2018, the social networking site Instagram began testing a feature which would inform its users if someone tries to take a screenshot of their story posts. It also reported that this feature was in still beta testing & only selected users were part of it. The feature was associated with backlash because the users had started taking screenshots of their story posts for whatever its they intended to do with them.

Instagram will not roll out screenshot notification feature

It is seem to be one of the things that allowed people to prefer Instagram story mode over the stories of Snapchat as the latter has always had inbuilt screenshot warning into it. It looks like Instagram has decided to hear its users about this feature. Therefore, according to the recent buzz, the Instragram’s screenshot notification feature is pulled back & it won’t be rolling out anyone from now onwards.

Users can go back to taking screenshots of the complete Instagram story posts as much as they really want. That’s why taking screenshots of privately sent posts will still inform to the sender. Only Instagram would hear its users regarding the chronological timeline. The previous implementation also warned & pointed out about the screenshotters which the poster of the story that will be indicated of their actions. The company told that the Instagram has stopped sending notification of screenshot to story poster.

It’s necessary to keep a note that when the feature of screenshot notification was still in force, there were various ways through which one can capture stories without getting detected. With this change, Instagram is making it easier & simpler to do so without any extra steps. But it did not describe on its rationale behind the change, however it likely had to do with user support.

Global warming will make vegetables harder to find

According to the new study, the researchers have warned that global warming is expected to make veggies scarcer across the globe, unless some brand new growing practices & resilient crop varieties are adopted. It is also reported that less water as well as hotter air will combine to cut out average yields of vegetables by the end of this century which are very crucial to health diet by almost one third.

Global Warming and Vegitables

The scientist predicts about 7.2 Fahrenheit hike in temperature by the year 2100 if global warming continues on its ongoing trajectory, minimizes average yields by nearly 31.5%. The lead author of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Pauline Scheelbeek told that, “Our study indicates that current environmental changes like water scarcity & increased temperature may create a real threat to global agricultural production, with likely builds impacts on population health as well as food security.” Due to this threat several areas of Africa; South Asia & Southern Europe may be affected.

The research is particularly relying on a review of around 174 studies that analyzed the impact of environmental vulnerabilities on yield & nutritional content of veggies & legumes since the year 1975. Meanwhile, some previous study has pointed to increase in crop yields because carbon dioxide increases, but the recent review discovered that any such increment would be cancelled out by greenhouse gases, decreased water availability for irrigation & increasing temperature.

“We have brought together all the available proof on the impact of climate change on yields & quality of legumes & vegetables for the first time.” The researcher said that, “Our investigation suggests that if we look at a business as a usual approach, then the environmental changes will decrease the worldwide availability of these essential foods. Urgent action requires to be taken as soon as possible, such as working to offer support to the sector of agriculture in order to raise its resilience to the environment changes & this must be a first priority for governments around the globe.”

Ninja Theory will join Microsoft to free from the AAA machine

Recently, the tech giant Microsoft has given a biggest surprise about a brand new game studio or to be very specific a new life for an old game studio called Ninja Theory. It is said to be the storied developer has everything. Tameem Antoniades, the founder of studio & the chief creative director also shared some background on the decision in order to leave independent life behind & also become a first party studio.

Rather than coming off as defensive or the type of PR directed mea culpa one can expect Mr. Antoniades along with Dominic Matthews who is commercial director, has provided a passionate explanation related to why a studio likes theirs may be focused or also desire, a corporate patron to offer their projects. Ragardless of what result get from this acquisition, it is more heartening to know that Ninja Theory will be invested in producing the games, across all of the team, rather than more work for hire.

Tameem Antoniades stated that “We were disappeared as a firm & even told there was no future for developers like us as it was very big to be indie & very small to be AAA. Finally, we had to tell our team that we were facing problems & that’s why we had to find another way for it. Hence, we split our team of 100 people into various small teams that worked mainly on work for hire projects. All these projects helped us to fund our original game called Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Our main motto was to discover a space between indie & AAA as well as to recover our creative independence.

With the support of game lovers, Hellblade: Senua’s sold beyond our expectations & that success also offered us the opportunity to give more than $100,000 to charity. The game also won dozens of awards. “He further said that the call from Microsoft was just unexpected & Ninja Theory was not even looking for an asset, but we want to be free from the AAA machine & develop games that majorly focused on the experience not based on the monetization.

While making the decision to join Microsoft as an internal studio, he said that I am now convinced that this is an amazing opportunity for us to jump years ahead, to get higher than we have ever dared to fly without any threat of fall down which has held us back very much in the past.

Xiaomi reveals huge loss as it expects to provide IPO to investors

Xiaomi unveiled its lost over $1 billion in the initial 3 months because the smartphone maker of China gears up to offer investors to invest  into the biggest initial public offering(IPO) since the year 2014. The 8 year old company has commenced taking demand of a 1st time share sale which is expected to speed up its enlargement beyond China & bankroll the media services as well as devices development.


The firm also published its very first version of prospectus for the China Depositary Receipts sale in Shanghai which claims that its plans are likely to use about 40 percent of the proceeds to widen up its worldwide footprint. Xiaomi registered a $1.1 billion i.e  ¥7 net loss on the revenue of ¥34.4 in the 1st quarter. It is an extremely awaited Hong Kong coming out parties in years that taking full advantages of brand new regulation which mostly focused at attracting home grown technology firms to China & Hong Kong.

The co founder of Xiaomi is Lei Jun who is said to be seeking around $10 billion in the IPO which could become the largest first time share sale of the world since Alibaba Group Holding Ltd counted in the America in 2014. It could also become the first firm to issue CDRs which is known to be a signature reform to try & reverse an exodus of its biggest organizations to overseas bourses in coming years.

In the ongoing year, the firm plans to enter or grab positions in the markets of Southeast Asia & Europe. Last month, Xiaomi opened its first store on Paris, while the Xiaomi’s senior vice president Wang Xiang has revealed that several times our firm is looking forward to sell smartphones in the United States of America & meanwhile compete against Apple Inc.

Chinese security firm finds vulnerabilities on EOS

With an adaptable blockchain based platform for dissolution applications, EOS.IO has generated a lot of stir in the market. However, the current platform has been facing several backlash amid the disclosure of big security vulnerabilities on its network. The internet security giant firm of China, Qihoo 360 has declared some very serious security flaws on the platform of EOS. This declaration made only a few days before the brand new EOS mainnet release scheduled at 2nd of June.

According to the security company’s announcement, a few of these vulnerabilities can execute arbitrary code on the node of EOS, that means any malicious party can take control over all nodes that would be running on EOS. Because of the disturbed nature, the impact of any attack on this versatile platform is more dangerous than a centralized system as well as the attackers can launch smart contract including faulty codes on the compromised network.

It is also reported that “Since the system of the node is fully controlled, the hackers can do whatever it wants such as controlling the virtual currency transaction of EOS network, gathering other financial & privacy information in the EOS network participating node system, & stealing the EOS supernode key. Apart from this they can also hack key user profiles, exchange digital currency, privacy data, user’s key stored in the wallet & more.”

The vulnerabilities will even allow an attacker to commence a node in the network of EOS into a botnet member which allows any party to participate in free mining activity. Earlier this month, Audit Company, Chengu LiaAN technology Co, stated that they have found a critical error in smart contract structure of EOS. But Dan Larimer, EOS CTO claimed that the problem isn’t security vulnerability, however it’s result of poor quality coding practices.

Apple has chosen OLED screens for new iPhones

One of the biggest iPhone makers Apple Inc has currently decided to make use of OLED screens in their all new three models of iPhone which are planned to release for next year. As reported by the Electronic times of South Korea. A report has sent shares in Japan Display tumbling 1 %. Japan Display is one of the major suppliers of iPhone liquid display(LCD) screens which has also lagged its rivals of South Korea in the production of OLED.

Apple currently commenced planning brand new iPhone models & urged all three models of iPhone would have organic light emitting diode panels according to the news covered by multiple unnamed industry sources.  A representative at Apple’s South Korea office was not present for comment, while a Japan Display spokesman declined to give any comment.

At the end of the Tuesday morning the stock was fell down by 10%, providing it a market value of around 105 billion yen. But at one stage it down as much as 21%. Cash lashed Japan Display plans in order to start mass production of OLED panels for smartphones from the year 2019. It is also looking for all new investors who can finance investment to unveil a production line.

The government of Japan will continue to offer a lifeline to Japan Display, but the firm has been very slow in catching up with rivals of South Korea in OLED, said by the chief market analyst, Masayuki Otani. It was established in 2012 by merging the display business of Toshiba Corp, Hitachi Ltd & Sony Corp in a deal invented by the state backed innovating network Corp of Japan(INCJ).  An analyst at Shinyoung securities, Seoul, Lee Won sik told that, “ If Apple uses OLED for iPhone models next year, that could increase hopes for LG Display to take a hike, because Apple may want to expand its sources for OLED supply.”

Malaysia to end search for MH370 next week

The transport minister of Malaysia said that the search for the flight MH370 will likely to be end next week, after more than four years since the plane disappeared as well as triggered s one of the greatest aviation mysteries of the world. In the year of March 2014, the Malaysia airlines jet departed with almost 239 people, mainly from China on board which en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Malaysia to end search for MH370 next week

No sign of the plane was found in a 120,000 square km sea search zone & the led hunt of Australia, which was the largest in aviation history suspended in the month of January previous year. After pressure came from family members, the former Malaysian government bangs a deal with the United States of America’s exploration company Ocean Infinity in order to restart the search in January on the rule that it would only be paid if the Boeing 777 or its black boxes were found.

The company stood to make around $ 70 million if the mission was successful, but didn’t get any indication of the plane despite wiping the seabed with the most hi tech search equipments of the world. Anthony Loke, the transport minister of Malaysia who is part of the new government which came to power by following 9th of May elections. He said that the search was purposely meant to wrap up in April, but had been extended & it would come an end next week. He even told that the hunt will continue until 29th of May.

Mahathir Mohamad, the Prime Minister of Malaysia had earlier said that the contract with Ocean Infinity was reviewed because his administration expects to cut costs after finding the allegedly corrupt former dominion of leaving the public finances in unpleasant shape. In a letter to the newest administration unveiled before the end of the hunt was declared, Voice 37o which is a group demonstrating families of those on the flight whose members have Nathan requested the government to reconsider a comprehensive review of all matters regarding the disappearance of the plane.